5 Indian players fans will miss this World Cup.

Players that Indian cricket Team will miss in 2023 World Cup

The 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is just round the corner, warm-up matches for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 have already been played. India is one of the top 4 teams vying for the global championship. We have the ideal team composition, in-form players, favorable home circumstances, and more!! 

Nevertheless, there are a few guys who fans will really miss. Although the list is lengthy, I’ve just listed my top 5. Please feel free to add more names in the space provided. 

MS Dhoni (retired)

MS Dhoni PicMS Dhoni, also referred to as “Captain Cool,” was a legend. He was the Indian team’s captain during many successes, such as the 2007 T20 and 2011 ODI World Cups. 

In addition to being an outstanding captain, Dhoni was also a superb wicketkeeper and a dependable middle-order batsman. In August 2020, he declared his departure from international cricket. 

His keen instinct has assisted the Indian team in winning several matches and tournaments. No matter how much time passes, Captain Cool will always be missed by cricket lovers.

Yuvraj Singh (retired)

Yuvraaj Singh

Yuvraj Singh was renowned for his powerful batting and useful left-arm spin. He was the champion of the 2007 T20 World Cup and the 2011 ODI World Cup. He overcame cancer and miraculously returned to cricket afterward. 

But in June 2019, Yuvraj declared his departure from international cricket. We shall miss his heavy hitting and aggressive style. 

In the ICC competitions, his performance was consistently above average. He had a talent for adding value, whether it was with the bat, the ball, or even in the fielding division. 

Yuvraj will never forget the 2011 World Cup because he won Player of the Tournament honors. Yuvraj played in the World Cup, where India was led by MS Dhoni and won the ODI title for the first time in 28 years. He scored 362 runs and claimed 15 wickets.


Yuzvendra Chahal (Dropped)

yuzvendra Chahal

For India, the 33-year-old leg spinner has been a regular match winner in all the formats of the game. He has excelled as a bowler in both the International and IPL. 

Even the most renowned cricket pundits are speechless in the face of his expulsion from the team.  

However, you will need to let go of someone to make room for someone else. The team is limited to 11 players. That is the game’s depressing truth.

The legspinner recently voiced his sorrow over being ignored for the world cup. To read about it, click here.


Shikhar Dhawan (dropped)

Shikhar Dhawan Pic

The explosive Indian opener has been a constant factor in World Cup games, making significant contributions with his graceful batting technique. His capacity to play well under duress and tally significant runs in games with a lot on the line.

Shikhar Dhawan, however, will be sadly missed at the 2023 World Cup because of his exceptional abilities, wealth of knowledge, and talent for winning crowds over with his performances. 

His withdrawal will cause a significant gap in India’s batting lineup and deprive supporters of seeing his outstanding achievements in one of cricket’s top competitions. The board has been ignoring him for the past few years in order to give the younger talent a chance.

He has been overlooked by the board for the last couple of years to provide a chance to the younger talent. He has been dropped off a few times over the last few years.

Rishabh Pant (injured)

Rishabh Pants Photo Another important member of the Indian team and one of the top wicketkeeper batsman in the world is Rishabh Pant. At the top of the order, Pant can score runs rapidly since he is a very aggressive hitter. 

He is a match winner thanks to his unpredictability in responding to various match situations. When everyone would expect him to slow down, he would pick up the pace.  

However, he will be missing the 2023 Cricket World Cup due to a car accident.  His contribution in India’s tour of Australia is known to all of us. He has the ability to turnaround the match on his Head. However, after his car accident he has not played a single game. He is still recovering & we are hoping that he will recover very soon. 

Pant’s absence will be a blow to the Indian team. He is one of the few wicket-keeper batsmen in the world who can consistently score runs at the top of the order. All the fans are looking for him to make a comeback.


The absence of these five players will be a huge blow to the Indian team. They  all are match winners & have helped Team India in will several crucial matches . However, the Indian team still has a number of talented players who can step up and take their place. It will be interesting to see how the Indian team performs in the 2023 Cricket World Cup without these five players.

Which are the other player you think shall be in the list & which player will you miss the most. Please write down below in the comment box.`


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