“Did Zaka Ashraf Force Babar Azam to Resign? Ramiz Raja Slams Pre-Planning”

Insights into Babar Azam’s Resignation: Ramiz Raja’s Take

  • Ramiz Raja shares insights into Babar Azam’s resignation from captaincy
  • Quick announcement of new captains after Babar Azam’s resignation
  • Zaka Ashraf proposes Babar Azam to continue as Test skipper
  • Babar Azam’s decision to step down from the role
  • Support for Babar Azam’s cricketing abilities

Ramiz Raja Shares Insights into Babar Azam’s Resignation

Former PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja provided insights into Babar Azam’s decision to resign from the captaincy of the Pakistan cricket team across all formats. Raja suggested that Babar Azam might have realized that replacements for the captaincy role were already decided. After Pakistan’s disappointing performances in the World Cup 2023, Babar Azam resigned from the captaincy. Shaheen Afridi has been appointed as the T20I captain, while Shan Masood is for Tests. However, the board has yet to announce the new captain for ODIs.

Raja stated that the quick announcement of new captains within a few minutes of Babar Azam’s resignation indicated a pre-planned decision. He mentioned, “Babar Azam must have realized replacements were already decided, and that’s why he resigned cause it doesn’t happen occasionally that he leaves. After five minutes, new captains were announced,” said Ramiz Raja.

PCB Management Committee Chairman Zaka Ashraf held a meeting with Babar Azam at the board headquarters in Lahore to discuss the World Cup campaign. Ashraf proposed for Babar to continue as the Test captain, but Babar decided to step down from the role. Ashraf expressed admiration for Babar Azam’s cricketing abilities, stating that without the burden of captaincy, they hope to see him grow as a batter and reach greater heights.

“Babar Azam is truly a world-class player and we want him to continue to thrive as a player,” Ashraf said. “He is one of the best batters Pakistan has ever produced. He is our asset, and we will continue to support him. His batting prowess is a testament to his dedication and skill. He is a role model for the present generation.”

“We want to see him grow as a great batter and now without his additional burden of the captaincy, he can focus more on his performances to reach even greater heights. We respect his decision and will continue to back him,” Zaka Ashraf said.

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