Fastest World Cup Century: Aiden Markram’s Record-Breaking Knock

Key Points:

– Aiden Markram from South Africa broke the record for the fastest World Cup century in just 49 balls.
– Markram achieved this feat during a match against Sri Lanka in Delhi.
– Another batting record was shattered by an unknown batsman in the ongoing Marsh series.
– The unprecedented turn of events has left the cricketing world in awe.

Fastest World Cup Century Broken by Aiden Markram

In a stunning display of batting prowess, South Africa’s Aiden Markram made history by achieving the fastest century in World Cup history. During a match against Sri Lanka in Delhi on Saturday, Markram reached the milestone in just 49 balls. This incredible feat surpassed the previous record held by Kevin O’Brien of Ireland, who had scored a century in 50 balls during the 2011 World Cup.

Markram’s blazing knock included 3 sixes and 11 fours, as he led South Africa to a commanding victory over Sri Lanka. His powerful strokes and impeccable timing left the opposition in disarray, and his ability to score runs at such a rapid pace was a sight to behold.

New Record Shattered in the Marsh Series

Not only did Aiden Markram break the fastest World Cup century record, but another unknown batsman also shattered a batting record in the ongoing Marsh series. While the details of the batsman are yet to be revealed, the batting performance was nothing short of extraordinary.

The unknown batsman displayed remarkable skill and precision, effortlessly hitting boundaries and scoring runs at an astonishing rate. This unexpected turn of events has left both fans and experts in awe, and the cricketing world buzzing with excitement.

While the identity of the record-breaking batsman remains unknown, the impact of their performance on the sport cannot be understated. It serves as a reminder of the potential and talent present in cricket, and the ability of players to push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible.


In a nail-biting turn of events, the cricketing world witnessed the breaking of not one but two top batting records in a single day. South Africa’s Aiden Markram achieved the fastest World Cup century in just 49 balls, surpassing the previous record held by Kevin O’Brien. Meanwhile, an unknown batsman in the ongoing Marsh series shattered another batting record, leaving everyone in awe. These extraordinary displays of skill and talent highlight the exciting nature of cricket and the potential for players to rewrite the history books.

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