Is virat kohli better than sachin tendulkar? Virat Vs Sachin, Stats, Records

Sachin Vs Virat

Exploring the Cricket Legends: There is a never ending debate among cricket fans in India, comparing the careers and achievements of Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar. Although, it is very difficult to compare these 2 legends who belong to different eras. Lets examine their statistics, styles, and impact on the game & also off the game.


Sachin Vs ViratSachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli are two amazing cricket players. They both started playing for India when they were really young and have played some great matches against tough teams.

Sachin was the hero for Indian players, like Sunil Gavaskar was earlier. Kohli is a star of today’s time, with a different style.”

Sachin and Virat , played together for India for about five years. During this time Tendulkar didn’t play all the formats regularly and Kohli was mostly a white-ball player till the end of 2011. But just when Tendulkar was nearing the end, Kohli’s rapid rise began. When Sachin was finishing his cricket journey, Virat was just starting to shine. By November 2013, when Sachin played his last game, Virat was ready to take his place. Kohli had ensured the void in the batting line-up was not as deep as it initially appeared.

People often talk about who is better, Sachin or Virat, like they do with other famous sports stars like Stokes vs Botham, Messi vs Maradona or LeBron vs Jordan. Tendulkar vs Kohli is a debate which will run on for decades. , there are objective and subjective elements.

Virat has now scored more than 49 hundreds in ODIs, a record once held by Sachin. Does this make Virat better? Let’s explore and find out!

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Head to Head Comparison

Lets Compare the 2 legends directly.

Kohli vs Tendulkar: A comparison of their ODI figures

Sachin-Vs-ViratVirat Kohli’s journey to equal Sachin Tendulkar’s record of most ODI centuries has been a quick one:

  • Kohli equaled Tendulkar’s record in 174 fewer innings
  • Kohli took only 15 years to get to 49, while Tendulkar’s ODI career spanned 22 years.
  • Kohli has scored a century every 5.65 innings on average, while Tendulkar had one every 9.22 innings.

Though that difference looks sizeabale, , but how do their numbers compare across eras? Their century-scoring frequency is similar when compared to the averages in their respective eras. A total of 237 centuries were scored in the 463 ODIs played by Tendulkar, which is one century every 1.96 matches. For Kohli, the number is 229 centuries in 289 games, which translates to 1.26 matches per hundred. What this means is more centuries are being scored now. This explains why Kohli took fewer innings. This is because of the batting friendly approach which we will explain in detail.

Impact of Centuries

The increase in India’s win percentage in the last 15 years did have an impact on the results of their centuries.Only 33 of Tendulkar’s 49 hundreds came in wins, while Kohli has 41 centuries in victories. India won only 50.54% of matches when Tendulkar played, while it is 61.59 when Kohli is in the XI. Chasing Vs Batting First Kohli has 27 hundreds in ODI chases, with 23 coming in wins. Tendulkar had 17 centuries while chasing, of which only three ended up in defeats. Tendulkar does lead Kohli at scoring hundreds while batting first, with 32 against 22. However, while chasing, Kohli clearly looks ahead. That’s why Kohlii is also called the chase master.

Scoring against the best

Tendulkar had hundreds against 11 different teams, with 44 coming against nine full-member nations. He also had five tons against associate teams – four against Kenya and one against Namibia. Kohli, however, has never scored a century against an associate nation as he had the opportunity to play against them only six times in his career so far. All 49 of Kohli’s hundreds have been against the first nine full-member countries. Sachin scored more than 5 centuries against six teams, with his highest, 9 centuries, against Australia. Virat’s highest is 10 centuries against Sri Lanka, which is a record. He also scored more than 5 centuries against six different teams.”

Beyond the Numbers

We can do this number crunching more & it would be never ending. But there is a bigger question. Does it even make sense to compare Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar? Two batters of different generations, different circumstances who happen to be the master of their time and represent India with great pride. No matter how much number digging or minute statistics one brings up, will it ever be a fair comparison? There are various other factors that need to be taken into consideration while judging numbers.  Virat is a Legend but Sachin is an emotion..  Sachin is called God of Cricket for a reason  I think Sachin was much better batsman because he started winning games for India on his own without any support from other end and made winning a habit for next generations

Comparing Bowling Quality from Different Eras

virat & sachin together

  • Sachin’s era was bowler dominated. Sachin is considered as a best batsman as he thrashed all those bowlers with great beautiful shots. Kohli’s era is mainly a batsman era, the bowlers are good too but if i compare them to those of sachin’s era then it’s completely unfair.
  • Sachin had to face the toughest bowlers of the era of cricket. Every country had match winners and dangerous bowlers like

West Indies:- Walsh, Curtly Ambrose, etc.

South Africa:- Shaun Pollock, Makhaya Ntini, Allan Donald, Steyn, Allan Donald,                              Srilanka:- Muttiah Muralitharan, Chaminda Vaas                              Pakistan:- Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Imran Khan, Saqlain Mushtaq, Shoaib Akhtar                              Australia:- Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath, Brett Lee, Mitchell Johnson, Jason Gillespie

  • Now look about some of great bowlers in their prime in last 10–12 years M Johnson, M Aamir, Malinga, Starc, J Anderson, M Morkel and only few.  Compare the bowling legends of two different era and think which of bowlers you won’t want to face.

Comparing Teams from Different Eras

  • sachin shotDuring 1989–2007 period, the Indian cricket team was not as dominant as it is today in the international scene. Sachin Tendulkar often played under significant pressure, as the team’s success heavily depended on his performance.  Despite scoring runs, Sachin frequently faced criticism and was blamed for the team’s losses, indicating the high expectations and pressure he endured.
  • The standard of cricket in teams like Sri Lanka and Pakistan has seen a significant decline. Rather, Australian team is not even close of what it used to be in years of 2000’s
  • This dominance has shifted the pressure onto opposing teams when they face India, reducing the mental burden on Indian players. Virat Kohli, benefiting from this shift, enjoys more freedom to score runs without the intense pressure that Sachin faced.
  • In Sachin’s era, the Indian cricket team faced challenging times, including controversies like match-fixing accusations involving some players. This situation brought down the team’s morale. Despite these tough circumstances, Sachin remained steadfast and strong. It was a period when the Indian team experienced some of its most difficult moments.”

Comparing Game from Different Eras

Virat & sachinGame has advanced which has allowed Virat Kohli to make runs at greater pace.

  • Like the power plays. Till 2004–05 we had only one mandatory power play of 15 overs and after that 5 fielders were allowed to be outside 30 yard circle.
  • Boundaries sizes have been reduced. Traditionally the boundry size used to be 85-90 mts & now it has been reduced to 65-70 mts.
  • 1 new ball can be taken every innings, which ensures that the ball is hard & it is easy to score runs.
  • Due to the change in ball, we don’t see reverse swing now a days in ODI Cricket. I still remember the time when a bowling change at around 34th over was able to fear batting teams.
  • DRS system came around 2008. As a 90s kid, I still remember how many times Sachin has been a victim of Wrong Umpiring
  • Pitches of Australia and England are also becoming batting friendly. So, the batting conditions have improved now which gives Virat extra edge.

Sachin was the reason for which most of people started watching cricket in India. CRICKET MADE KOHLI FAMOUS BUT THE MAN WHO MADE CRICKET FAMOUS IS SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR. It  does not make sense to compare these two batting legends because they have played cricket in different condition with different rules against different bowlers. But still if someone has to compare then one should consider all factors. Sachin was a hope for India when there was no one.  Kohli might even break all records of Master blaster but he won’t be as equal as Sachin because no doubt Kohli is match winner but Sachin is emotion. You may think I am biased, lets see what Kohli has to say

Gaurav Kapoor – What do you think about comparisons ?
Virat Kohli : – I don’t believe in them, you can compare, where actual comparison is there in between two people. Because of him i started playing cricket and you are comparing me with that person. He is way ahead of anyone in skills set.


Let me try to conclude this with a story Year 2016A young kid was watching the India Vs Australia ODI live on TV. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. “Maa, Papa has come!”, said the excited kid. The thirty-five year old man loosened his tie, and sat on the sofa. He asked, “What’s the score?”. “Its 175-1, Pa”.  The Australian fast bowler bowled an excellent yorker and Virat was clean bowled.“Oh! And there is Kohli, three short of a century, what would have been an excellent hundred.”, said Harsha Bhogle. The father smiled & said to his son “Don’t worry, Dad. Kohli is out, but the score is good, and we have a finisher who is in form!”.   Year 1996 A eleven-year old kid was watching the India Vs Australia ODI live on TV. Suddenly, the doorbell rings.“Maa, Papa has come!”, said the excited kid. The thirty-five year old man kept his suitcase aside, and sat on the chair & asked, “What’s Sachin’s score?”. “Sachin is on 91, Pa”.  The Australian fast bowler bowled an excellent bouncer and Sachin was caught out, as he mis-timed a pullshot. “Oh! And there is Sachin, nine short of a century, what would have been an excellent century.”, said Harsha Bhogle. The father looked at his son.The son was a very sad, and looked at his dad for hope. “Now what, Dad? Sachin is out.”. Tears were starting to form in the little child’s eyes. The father walked to the TV, switched off and removed the plug. “Sachin is out. Enough cricket for today. Go and sleep now.” His face was solemn. The kid, understood his fathers feelings, and went to bed. He thought about that careless shot. He controlled his tears, as his mother caressed him. The father, still in the hall, shook his head, “The match is over. Sachin and Virat are excellent cricketers, they both are legends, no doubt. Virat will break many of Sachin’s records some day But,  Virat is a star, Sachin is an emotion..!! That is the reason we say KOHLI IS KING BUT SACHIN IS GOD

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