Is Virat Kohli Non-Vegetarian? Diet & Fitness Routine of the Legend

is virat kohli a non vegetarian

Yes, Virat Kohli was non-vegetarian but he has turned Vegetarian in 2018 due to health reasons. Let’s discuss his dietary shift, exploring the reasons behind his transition and his current diet, including whether he’s vegan or a vegetarian or an eggetarian (if that’s a word) and his favorite foods. Learn how this change has influenced Kohli and other cricketers.



is virat kohli the greatest everIs Virat Kohli non-vegetarian?”

Fans often ask this question & are very curious to know the answer. Different statement have been issues at different times, making the discussion all more confusion.
.Virat Kohli, has been an inspiration to millions in India and around the world. Not only his cricketing skills but his fitness has been awe inspiring.

Kohli’s dietary habits, a journey that has seen a significant shift from non-vegetarian to vegetarian. We’ll explore not just the ‘when’ and ‘why’ behind this change, but also delve into the specifics of what Kohli eats in a day, his favorite foods, and whether he has adopted a vegan lifestyle.

Whether you’re a die-hard cricket fan, a fitness enthusiast, or someone curious about the dietary choices of top athletes, this blog will provide you with a comprehensive insight into the world of sports nutrition, as seen through the lens of Virat Kohli’s dietary choices.


When did Kohli stop eating non-vegetarian food?

Virat stopped eating non veg in 2018 in middle of the England tour.


Why did Virat Kohli turn vegetarian?

is Virat Kohli the greatest cricketer of all time 

In an interview with former England cricketer Kevin Peterson, Virat Kohli had revealed the reason why he stopped eating non-vegetarian food.

Kohli said, he made a big change in his diet for health reasons:

  • Cervical Spine Issue: Kohli had shared that he faced a health challenge with a cervical spine problem which compressed a nerve that was running straight to the little finger of my right hand causing tingling in his fingers, making it difficult for him to bat. It happened around the Centurian Test in South Africa in 2018
  • Acidic Stomach: In an interview, Kohli also told that, his stomach had become very acidic & his uric acid went very high & his stomach started pulling calcium from his bone, making his bones weak which even aggravated the spine issue.

This change was influenced by a health issue he faced, leading him to reevaluate his dietary habits for better health and performance


Has turning vegetarian helped Virat Kohli?

Virat Kohli’s switch to a vegetarian diet has had a profound impact on his health and cricket career. Here’s how:

Significant Health Improvements: The transition to a vegetarian diet brought about notable changes in Kohli’s health:
Reduced Inflammation: One of the immediate benefits Kohli experienced was a reduction in bodily inflammation.
Boosted Energy Levels: Kohli reported feeling more energetic after switching to a plant-based diet.
Overall Enhanced Health: Beyond specific issues, Kohli also noticed an overall improvement in his health like better digestion, improved sleep quality, and a general feeling of well being.

Virat Kohli’s transition to vegetarianism has been a game-changer, contributing positively to his health, fitness, and overall lifestyle, proving beneficial both on and off the cricket field.
During an interview with Kevin Pietersen, Kohli shared that his energy levels were better and improved. “I felt amazing, it is almost two years now and it is the best decision I have taken… it made me feel why I didn’t do it before,” he said then.


Is Virat Kohli vegetarian or vegan? & Does Virat Kohli eat eggs? Understanding Kohli’s Current Diet

Virat Kohli ImageIn 2021, during an AMA on Instagram, the cricketer shared his actual diet, “Lots of vegetables, some eggs, two cups of coffee, quinoa, lots of spinach, love dosas too. But all in controlled quantities.

However, this became a subject of trolling
But why was he being trolled for his eating habits?
Virat’s diet became the talk of the town sometime back when people mistook him to be a vegan & upon knowing that he consumes egg in vegan diet, people started trolling him.
Virat clarified on Twitter that he is a vegetarian who consumes eggs.

Kohli’s eating habits focus on:
Protein from Plants: He gets his protein mainly from plant sources. This includes lentils, beans, tofu, and quinoa.
Fruits and Vegetables: He eats lots of different fruits and veggies for vitamins and minerals.
Carbs for Energy: His diet has complex carbs like whole grains, sweet potatoes, and brown rice, which give him energy all day.
Good Fats: Kohli eats healthy fats from foods like nuts, seeds, and avocado.
Staying Hydrated: He drinks a lot of water to keep his body hydrated.
He avoids processed foods, refined sugar, and fried foods in his diet.
He has been vocal about the benefits of a vegetarian diet, not just for fitness but also for the environment and animal welfare.


Is Anushka Sharma also a Vegetarian?

Yes, Anushka Sharma is a vegetarian. She made the switch to a vegetarian diet several years ago and has often spoken about the positive impact it has had on her health and well-being.
Anushka Sharma’s decision to become vegetarian was also recognized when she was named the “Hottest Vegetarian” by PETA India in 2015.


What does Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma eat in a day?


For breakfast, Kohli eats boiled vegetables, quinoa, cheese, an omelette, and fruits like papaya, dragon fruit, and watermelon.
Anushka has a similar meal but includes boiled eggs or egg whites.


Mid-morning snack:

Virat often eats a snack like veggie cheese toast or an omelette with green tea.
Anushka likes to drink coconut water around this time.



Kohli’s lunch is usually light, with an omelette, some protein, and fresh vegetables.
Anushka prefers a simple meal of dal (lentils), roti (flatbread), and sabzi (vegetable dish).


Coffee break: 

Both Virat and Anushka love coffee.
Anushka likes a hot cappuccino
While Kohli drinks black coffee without sugar.



At dinner, they eat a lot of vegetables.
Kohli often has a vegetable salad or seafood
Anushka usually eats sautéed vegetables with toasted bread.


What is Virat Kohli’s favorite food?

Virat’s favorite food is Chole Bhature which he enjoys from time to time


Which other cricket players have turned into vegetarian now?

Virat is not the first one to embrace Vegetarian food, there are others in the list
Sachin Tendulkar: The legendary Indian cricketer, known for his non-vegetarian preferences earlier in his career, reportedly incorporated more vegetarian dishes into his diet as he focused on maintaining his health and fitness levels, especially later in his career.
Ishant Sharma: The Indian fast bowler made a switch to a vegetarian diet for health reasons. He mentioned that this change helped him feel lighter and more energetic.
Peter Siddle: The Australian fast bowler is another example who became a vegan. His switch was quite talked about as it is less common among fast bowlers, who generally require high-protein diets, typically associated with meat consumption.
Jason Gillespie: The former Australian cricketer is a well-known vegan. He adopted a plant-based diet post-retirement and has been an advocate for veganism, citing both health and ethical reasons.
Hashim Amla: The South African cricketer is known to follow a strict diet, which is primarily vegetarian. His dietary discipline has been credited for his fitness and longevity in the sport.



Virat Kohli is not just brilliant cricketer but also an inspiration for upcoming athletes in terms of fitness and healthy living. His commitment to staying fit and setting high benchmarks on the field has positively influenced his teammates too.
When Kohli became captain, he motivated his team, shaping them into one of the most physically fit teams in international cricket.

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