“Rohit Sharma’s 5 IPL Titles: Aaqib Javed’s Attack on Babar Azam Explained!”

Aaqib Javed Criticizes Babar Azam’s Captaincy and Recalls Horrific Incident

– Aaqib Javed criticizes Babar Azam’s captaincy
– Aaqib compares Babar Azam’s record with Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma
– Aaqib highlights Babar Azam’s lack of major tournament wins
– Aaqib recalls the treatment he received after the 1996 World Cup
– Aaqib compares the treatment of current team with his 1996 World Cup team

Aaqib Javed’s Strong Words Against Babar Azam and His Personal Ordeal

Former Pakistan cricketer Aaqib Javed expressed his disappointment with Pakistan skipper Babar Azam’s leadership in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Aaqib suggested that Shaheen Shah Afridi should replace Babar as the captain, citing the lack of major tournament wins under Babar’s leadership. He compared Babar’s record with that of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, emphasizing the importance of winning titles as a captain.

Aaqib also recalled a harrowing incident from his past when he faced severe backlash after the 1996 World Cup. He recounted being attacked by a mob upon his return to Pakistan, highlighting the stark contrast in treatment between his team and the current one. Aaqib’s strong words and personal ordeal shed light on the challenges faced by cricketers, both on and off the field.

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