The Four Semifinalists of ICC ODI World Cup 2023: Gavaskar’s Expert Predictions

Former Indian cricket captain Sunil Gavaskar predicts the four semifinalists for ICC ODI World Cup 2023

– Sunil Gavaskar, former Indian cricket captain and renowned batsman, has shared his predictions for the four semifinalists of the ongoing ICC ODI World Cup 2023.
– Gavaskar’s insights have attracted attention from cricket fans worldwide as the tournament reaches a crucial stage.
– Gavaskar, known for his deep understanding of the game, has revealed his picks for the four teams that he believes will make it to the semifinals of the prestigious cricket tournament.
– The former Indian captain’s predictions reflect his knowledge of the current form and performance of the teams playing in the World Cup.
– Gavaskar’s selections are highly anticipated and have sparked discussions and debates among cricket enthusiasts.

Sunil Gavaskar’s predictions for the four semifinalists:

– India
– England
– Australia
– New Zealand

Sunil Gavaskar, with his wealth of experience and expertise, believes that these four teams have what it takes to reach the semifinals based on their performances so far in the tournament. Gavaskar’s predictions have intrigued fans and cricket experts alike, and many are eagerly waiting to see if his picks turn out to be accurate.

India, with an impressive lineup and a talented set of players, has been a strong contender in the tournament. Led by captain Virat Kohli, the Indian team has shown great form throughout the World Cup, and Gavaskar believes they have a good chance of making it to the semifinals.

England, the reigning champions, have also caught Gavaskar’s attention. With a formidable batting lineup and a balanced bowling attack, the English team has displayed their dominance in the tournament. Gavaskar predicts that they will continue to perform well and secure a spot in the semifinals.

Australia, a team known for their fierce competitiveness and strong cricketing culture, is another semifinalist in Gavaskar’s predictions. Despite facing some challenges, the Australian team has shown resilience and determination in their matches, making them a strong contender for the semifinals.

New Zealand, the runner-up in the previous edition of the World Cup, completes Gavaskar’s list of semifinalists. The Kiwis have displayed consistency and excellent teamwork throughout the tournament, earning them a place in Gavaskar’s predictions.


Former Indian cricket captain Sunil Gavaskar has shared his predictions for the four semifinalists of the ICC ODI World Cup 2023. Gavaskar’s keen understanding of the game and analysis of teams’ performances has led him to believe that India, England, Australia, and New Zealand will make it to the semifinals. Cricket fans worldwide are eagerly waiting to see if Gavaskar’s predictions come true as the tournament reaches its decisive stage.

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