Unforgettable World Cup Chases: 5 Iconic Moments
Top 5 Iconic Run Chases in ICC ODI Cricket World Cup

– The ICC ODI Cricket World Cup has seen some unforgettable moments, and high-scoring chases are among the most thrilling.
– Here are the top five iconic run chases in the history of the tournament:
1. South Africa vs Australia, 1999: South Africa chased down a target of 271 with just one ball to spare in a thrilling encounter.
2. New Zealand vs Australia, 2015: New Zealand mounted an incredible chase to beat Australia in the group stage, chasing down a target of 152 runs in just 23.1 overs.
3. India vs Sri Lanka, 2011: In the final of the 2011 World Cup, India chased down a target of 275 runs, lifting the trophy for the second time.
4. Australia vs South Africa, 1999: Australia chased down a target of 272 in a dramatic semi-final, winning the match by just two wickets.
5. Ireland vs England, 2011: In a stunning upset, Ireland chased down a target of 328, recording the highest successful run chase in World Cup history.


The ICC ODI Cricket World Cup has witnessed some incredible run chases over the years. Teams like South Africa, New Zealand, India, Australia, and Ireland have showcased their skills and determination by successfully chasing down high targets. These iconic run chases have provided the fans with unforgettable moments and added excitement to the tournament.

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