Virat Kohli Educational Qualification. Is Virat Kohli 12th Pass?

Virat Kohi's Educational Qualification

Lest uncover the academic side of Virat Kohli, India’s cricket superstar! Learn about the struggles that he faced during his educational. This blog will inspire you to follow your passion no matter how hard the road ahead is.





Virat Kohl receiving award from Ashish NehraBorn on November 5, 1988, in Delhi, India, the name needs no introduction. He is a cricketing giant, a legend. He is extremely popular & enjoys huge fan following wherever he goes.


This is evident from the count of followers on Social Media platforms. Known for his aggressive playing style, impeccable batting technique, and leadership by example, Kohli has become a household name, not only in India but across the globe.


Yet, the story of Virat Kohli from Cheeku to The King, is not merely a story of cricketing skill, it is a outcome of choices made, priorities set. Today, we will discuss one of the aspects out of those. Virat’s educational qualification. Virat’s life is shaped by the delicate balance between the bat and the books.




Early life, Family Details

Virat Kohli with his FatherKohli’s early life was marked by humble beginnings and a deep-rooted love for cricket. His family, though not affluent, was rich in values. 


Virat’s grew up in a typical Punjabi middle-class Indian family in Uttam Nagar, Delhi. His father, Prem Kohli, worked as a criminal lawyer, while his mother, Saroj Kohli, was a homemaker. The family lived in a modest home in West Delhi. He is the third child of the couple with one elder brother-  Vikas Kohli and an elder sister- Bhawna Kohli. Virat.


Virat’s Father(Prem Kohli), recognized his son’s passion for cricket at an early age.  Despite the family’s limited financial means. He was determined to provide him with the opportunities to pursue his dream,. Saroj Kohli, a nurturing and supportive mother, balanced the household and ensured that Virat’s upbringing was filled with love and care.


Virat’s love for cricket was evident from a very young age. At just three years old, he would pick up a cricket bat and swing it, he would often request his father to bowl to him, showing a natural affinity for the game. Recognizing his talent and interest, his father enrolled him at the West Delhi Cricket Academy, in May 1998, when Virat was just nine years old. Even the Academy was formed in the same year(1998), Virat was a part of first intake batch for the academy.  This decision marked the beginning of a journey that would eventually lead Virat to international cricket stardom.


Kohli trained at the academy under Rajkumar Sharma and also played matches at the Sumeet Dogra Academy at Vasundhara Enclave at the same time.




Kohli, like many Indian children, was enrolled in school with the expectation of pursuing a conventional academic path. However, his extraordinary talent and love for cricket soon became evident.


Education at Vishal Bharti

  • Virat’s academic journey began at Vishal Bharti Public School (A-1, Paschim Vihar), providing a foundation not only in academics but also in sports. He studied here till the 8th standard.
  • At Vishal Bharti, Kohli was known to be a lively and curious student. His teachers recall a young boy who, despite his evident inclination towards cricket, showed a keen interest in learning and participating in various school activities.
  • This period was crucial in instilling in him the values of discipline and hard work, which later became evident in his cricketing .


Strategic Decision to Move to Saviour Convent 

  • Virat Kohli 10th MarksheetHowever, as cricket began to take a more central role in his life, the balancing act between academics and sports became increasingly challenging.
  • The family then decided to move him to Saviour Convent in Paschim Vihar, this was a strategic move,  primarily to give him more flexibility to pursue cricket & facilitate his training schedule, as the school offered more flexibility for his cricket commitments.  This move was crucial, as it allowed Virat to train more intensively while continuing his education.
  • At Saviour Convent, Kohli’s routine became more cricket-centric, but the importance of education remained a constant in his life.
  • It is also said that the Virat’s Coach made a deal with Saviour Convent School Management to build a stong cricket team if they enrolled some of the students there. Only after this Virat switched his school.
  • Kohli, during his time at Saviour Convent, faced this challenge head-on. He would attend school, complete his assignments, and then dedicate the rest of his time to cricket training. This rigorous routine required exceptional time management and discipline, qualities that Kohli mastered early on.
  • Virat Kohli Scored 56% marks in the class 10th.  However, the challenge of balancing a demanding sport with academic responsibilities is a formidable task for any young aspirant.


Virat’s Favorite Subjects & Teacher

  • During his school years, Virat displayed fondness for History. He liked the subject, with its stories of battles, leaders, victories & defeats. This interest in History could be seen as a reflection of his strategic thinking, a skill that later became evident in his cricketing career. However, he was not fond of mathematics and used to struggle with it.
  • In a chat show Virat stated “So in math, we used to have exams and the maximum marks we could get in 100, right? I used to get 3, I was that good. I did not understand, why someone would even want to learn math. I could not understand the complications behind it, I have never used those formulas in life.

Dropping out of School

  • Virat Kohli School ImageVirat’s journey took a significant turn when he had to make a tough decision regarding his education. Virat’s family valued formal educational qualifications, dropping out of school was not an easy choice.
  • However, he had to leave his formal education after completing the 11th standard. At the age of 16, when most students are focused on their school exams and preparing for their future, Virat was presented with the chance to represent his country on an international platform. 
  • Virat got an opportunity that would change the course of his life – playing for the India Under-19 Team. This opportunity was a dream come true for any aspiring cricketer, but it also which required undivided attention and commitment due to which he had to drop out of school.
  • After becoming the U-19 World Cup team captain and then breaking into the Indian cricket scene, there was no looking back for him.
  • Virat during his interviews revealed that his favorite subjects were English and History & favorite teacher was English teacher.

“I loved going to school whenever I could. It got difficult little later as I got busy playing cricket.” -Virat Kohli



Did Virat Kohli Pass 12th Standard? How much did he score in 12th Standard

While several news websites & online blogs claim that he passed 12th standard. There is no official proof of that. However, Virat Kohli himself said that he could not even complete 10th standard because he got busy in playing cricket. 


Below is a snippet of Virat’s conversation with Amir Khan on a chat show. 

“Maine 12th bhi nahi kari hai. 11th I passed (sic) after that I started playing U-19 India when I was 16. Aapne 12th toh kari hai na, maine toh school bhi nahi kiya.” 

This clearly reveals that Virat has not cleared his 12th standard


You can even find video here.




Virat Kohli On a HorseKohli’s story is a reminder that success can be achieved through various paths and that following one’s passion can be rewarding financially as well as mentally.


Virat Kohli’s journey from a young Cheeku to an international cricket icon is a story of passion, dedication, and hard work. 


While his path took a turn away from formal education after the 11th standard, his commitment to cricket led him to unparalleled heights in the sport & life as well. His journey is inspiring anyone who dares to dream big 


As we celebrate his accomplishments on the cricket field, let’s also acknowledge the lessons from his journey about the value of dedication, resilience, and pursuing one’s true calling.





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 



What was Virat Kohli’s early family life like?

Virat grew up in a middle-class Punjabi family in Delhi, with his father working as a criminal lawyer and his mother as a homemaker.



How did Virat Kohli’s interest in cricket begin?

Virat’s passion for cricket was evident from age three, and his father supported this by enrolling him in the West Delhi Cricket Academy at nine.



What were Virat Kohli’s marks in the 10th standard?

Virat Kohli scored 56% in his 10th standard exams. Balancing his burgeoning cricket career with academic responsibilities, he managed to achieve this score while dedicating a significant amount of time to cricket training and development.



What subjects did Virat Kohli enjoy in school?

Virat had a fondness for History and English but struggled with and disliked Mathematics.



Did Virat Kohli complete his formal education?

Virat had to leave formal education after the 11th standard to focus on his cricket career, particularly after joining the India Under-19 team



Where did Virat Kohli go to school?

Virat initially attended Vishal Bharti Public School and later moved to Saviour Convent to better balance his cricket training and education





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