Virat Kohli’s Beard Details. Style, Name, Changes Over the Years, Is Virat Kohli’s Beard turning White/Grey? Is he going to shave it?

Everything about Virat Kohli’s Beard

Virat Kohli, is not just known for his aggressive batting, but also for his style statement, especially his ever-evolving beard game. Over the years, his facial hair has transformed from clean-shaven to full-fledged beard, mirroring his own journey as a cricketer and public figure.




Virat Kohli's TransformationIn cricket, very few players have achieved what Virat Kohli has achieved. Kohli has become a renowned name not just in India but across the globe. But there’s another aspect of this cricketing superstar that has garnered almost as much attention as his playing prowess – his stylish iconic beard.

Virat Kohli’s beard is not just a style statement; it’s a symbol of his evolution, both as a player and a public figure.

In this article, we’ll explore its evolution, its impact on his persona, and its significance, style and shape to the grooming secrets behind its maintenance, we’ll cover it all.

We’ll even look into the intriguing questions that fans often ponder –

Does Kohli use beard oil?

Will he ever shave it off?

Does he have grey hair?

Is there such a thing as beard insurance for a style icon like him?

So, grab your razors and clippers, because we’re about to embark on a thrilling ride through Virat Kohli’s beard timeline!

The Transformation: When and How Kohli Started Sporting a Beard

The transformation from a clean-shaven youngster to a bearded icon did not happen overnight. In early 2010s that fans started noticing a change. Kohli began experimenting with his facial hair, initially with light stubble, which gradually evolved into a full beard. This change coincided with a significant phase in his career – his rise to becoming one of the world’s best batsmen. The beard seemed to compliment his growing maturity, both on and off the field. It was as if, with each run he scored, his beard grew a bit more, becoming a symbol of his evolving persona.




The Evolution of Virat Kohli’s Beard

August 2008 : Kohli’s Look During His Debut :  The Baby-Faced Rookie

Virat Kohli Debut Match against SrilankaVirat Kohli’s international debut on the 18th of August is a moment etched in my memory along with several other cricket fans. A young Kohli first donned the Indian jersey, in an One Day International (ODI) against Sri Lanka in Dambulla.

Back then, Kohli’s appearance was markedly different from the rugged, bearded look we associate with him today. He sported a clean-shaven face, exuding a youthful charm with a hint of baby fat. His appearance was youthful, clean shaved with boyish hair. This clean-cut image fit perfectly with his role as a rising star, eager to prove himself on the international stage.

He was a stark contrast to the chiseled, bearded look that he is today. This clean-shaven look of Kohli during his debut symbolized the beginning of a journey.



2009-2011: The Early Stubble Phase : The World Cup and the Emergence of a Style Icon

Virat Kohli World Cup ImageAs Kohli  starts to establish himself in the Indian cricket team, there’s a subtle shift in his appearance. He begins to sport light stubble, a look that seems to reflect his transition from a Newbie to a regular member of the team. This phase is marked by Kohli’s growing confidence, both in his game and his personal style.

April 2011: During the ICC Cricket World Cup, Kohli is often seen with a well-maintained stubble. This look coincides with one of the most significant moments of his career – India winning the World Cup. The stubble becomes a part of his identity, symbolizing a young player who is rapidly gaining prominence.







2012-2013 : Experimenting with Beard Styles :The Goatee Arrives

Virat Kohli 2013 Goatee Entire 2012 and 2013 period is marked by experimentation. Kohli is seen with various lengths and styles of facial hair, ranging from a light beard to a more defined look. He experimented with a goatee, adding a touch of gravitas to his persona.


These years are crucial in his career as he starts taking on more responsibility in the team and establish himself as a key member of the Indian team, and his beard styles seem to mirror his journey towards becoming a key player for India.


As Kohli matured into a seasoned player, his facial hair followed suit.




2014-2019 : The Signature Beard Begins to Take Shape : Aggression Unleashed

Virat Kohli 2015 Kohli’s career truly took off in 2014, with his batting prowess reaching new heights. His beard, too, reflected this newfound aggression. He starts to settle a thicker, fuller beard, often sporting a neatly trimmed neckline and defined edges. This later goes on to become his signature look, synonymous with his fiery on-field persona.

This period also sees Kohli taking on leadership roles, and his beard becomes a symbol of his growing maturity and assertiveness on the field.

This duration of  2015-2019 is significant in the evolution of Kohli’s beard. He is now seen with a full, well-groomed beard. This style becomes a defining aspect of his persona. The full beard coincides with Kohli’s consistent performance and growing dominance in world cricket.

2020: The Pandemic Years – A Time for Reflection and Growth :The Clean-Shaven Surprise

During the pandemic, with fewer public appearances and matches, Kohli is occasionally seen with a longer, more rugged beard.

However, later in 2020, in a shocking move, Kohli surprised everyone by shaving off most of his beard in 2020 & keeping french cut. This dramatic change sparked endless speculation, with some attributing it to a personal transformation, while others saw it as a strategic move to shed his on-field aggression.

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The Beard Returns (2021-Present): Finding Balance

Virat Kohli Image 

After a brief clean-shaven stint, Kohli welcomed back his beard in 2021. He now sports a shorter, more manageable beard, striking a balance between his aggressive past and his present, calmer demeanor. This evolving style reflects his journey as a cricketer, constantly adapting and seeking new ways to express himself.


The contrast between the clean-shaven debutant of 2008 and the bearded icon of today is striking, it’s a reflection of his growth. From the baby-faced newbie to the rugged chiseled legend, his beard has been a constant companion, evolving alongside him. It has matured as he has, becoming a symbol of his journey. It has redefined his image, transforming him from a talented young cricketer into a figure of inspiration.


So, the next time you see Kohli on the field, take a moment to appreciate his beard—it’s not just hair, it’s a story waiting to be told.






Fans’ Perception: How the Beard Influences Fans’ View of Kohli

The evolution of Virat Kohli’s beard has significantly impacted how fans perceive him.

  • When Kohli debuted, fans saw him as a young, energetic talent. His clean-shaven look was typical of a newcomer in the cricket world, and fans perceived him as a promising player with a lot to learn.
  • As Kohli started to sport light stubble, his fan base grew. Fans began to see him not just as a young talent, but as a cricketer who was quickly becoming an integral part of the Indian cricket team.
  • Kohli’s image underwent a significant transformation with the full beard. The beard gave him a more mature, authoritative look, aligning with his growing stature as one of the leading batsmen in the world. Fans started perceiving him as a figure of inspiration, a player who combined style with substance. The beard became synonymous with his aggressive playing style and his fearless attitude on the field.


Grooming and maintenance of Virat Kohli’s iconic beard.

Virat Kohli’s beard, is not just a result of genetics but also meticulous grooming. The secret behind the immaculate condition of his beard lies in his grooming routine. That brings us to the next segment if Virat Kohli uses beard oil & what all he does to maintain it.


Does Virat Kohli Use Beard Oil?

Yes Virat Kohli uses beard oil. In an interview, Kohli himself has mentioned the importance of beard oil in his grooming routine. He stated, “Looking after it is not that difficult because the beard oils have come in and it’s very easy. A little bit of beard oil and it’s in place.”

He also recommends investing in a good beard trimmer and shampoo.


Beard oil plays a crucial role in keeping facial hair soft, smooth, and well-nourished. It not only enhances the look of the beard but also conditions the skin underneath, preventing dryness and itchiness.



Does Virat Kohli have Grey or White beard and How Does He Manage Them?”

Yes Virat Kohli’s beard is turning Grey (White), In a session moderated by actress Mandira Bedi, during a visit to Pune ahead of the India vs England ODI series, Kohli himself confessed to having more grey hair in his beard post taking on the captaincy. Kohli’s acknowledgment of the greying beard indicates his acceptance and open attitude towards this natural change (Read more about it here:- Times of India).

Grey Strands in Kohli’s Beard could be seen as the pressure and responsibility that comes with cricket captaincy, the stress and demands of leading a national team can accelerate natural aging processes like greying

In a heartfelt post, Anushka Sharma, Kohli’s wife, recalled a conversation from 2014 where MS Dhoni joked about how quickly Kohli’s beard would start turning grey.

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Top of Form

Does Virat Kohli dye his beard

While Virat Kohli has never publicly addressed whether he dyes his beard, observations suggest that he might. There have been noticeable instances where his beard, previously seen with grey strands, appeared significantly darker at later events. This change implies that Kohli might be using color to maintain a consistent appearance in his beard. However, without an explicit confirmation from Kohli himself, this remains an educated guess based on visual changes observed over time.



Future Ahead: Will Virat Kohli Ever Shave His Beard?

Based on various sources and statements, it appears unlikely that Virat Kohli will shave off his beard in the near future. His beard has become a significant part of his identity and style, and there are several reasons to believe he will maintain it:

In an Interview in May 2018, Virat Stated, “I really like it. I think it suits me. So I don’t want to get rid of it,” underscores his fondness for his beard.

During #Breakthebeard challenge, several cricketers like Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja shaved their beard & even challenged Virat to do so. However, instead of shaving off his beard, he posted a picture on Instagram, humorously refusing to part with his beard. He posted a picture on instagram and had said, “Sorry boys, but I am not ready to break the beard yet. Great job on makeovers though. Kudos

Anushka Sharma playfully commented “You cannot” which was both light-hearted and assertive, indicating her preference for his bearded look. This is the post

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