Virat Kohli’s Best Innings in ODIs

Virat Kohli's best innings in ODIs all time

Virat Kohli has played several memorable innings. He recently scored his 50th ODI century to surpass the little masters record. It is very difficult to select the best amongst those. However, lets evaluate Virat Kohli’s greatest cricket innings in our new blog. We bring you the top moments from Kohli’s career that left fans cheering to figure out Virat Kohli’s Best Innings in ODIs




Virat Kohli Best ODI Innings of all time

Virat Kohli is known not just for his exceptional skills but also for his ability to turn the game around with his bat. He’s not just a player; he’s a phenomenon that has redefined modern cricket. From his debut in 2008 to becoming one of the game’s most formidable batsmen, Kohli’s journey is studded with innings that are nothing short of spectacular.

Kohli’s batting is a blend of aggressive play and technical finesse, making him a nightmare for bowlers and a delight for cricket enthusiasts. His ability to chase down tough targets and his knack for playing big innings in crucial matches have earned him a reputation as one of the best chasers in the game.

Each of his innings tells a story of determination, resilience, and sheer passion for cricket. Let’s relive some of these incredible moments that have cemented Kohli’s status as a cricketing legend.

In this article, we dive into some of Virat Kohli’s most memorable innings, each a masterpiece that showcases his dominance in the sport.






183 Against Pakistan, Asia Cup 2012

Virat Kohli 183 against pakistanSetting the Stage: On March 18, 2012, India faced a formidable Pakistan side in the Asia Cup. Chasing a mammoth target of 330, India needed something special, and Kohli stepped up.

The Innings: Kohli’s 183 off 148 balls was a masterclass in chasing. He blended aggression with precision, taking on the Pakistani bowlers with a mix of elegant drives and powerful shots. His innings was pivotal in India achieving the target with 13 balls to spare.

Impact: This innings not only cemented Kohli’s reputation as a chase master but also showcased his ability to thrive under pressure. It remains one of the highest individual scores in a chase in ODIs.

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133 Against Sri Lanka, CB Series 2012

virat Kohli 133 against srilankaBackdrop: In a do-or-die match of the CB Series against Sri Lanka, India faced a steep target of 321 runs to win in 40 overs to keep their final hopes alive.

The Knock: Kohli’s unbeaten 133 came off just 86 balls. His innings was marked by an array of stunning shots, including 16 fours and 2 sixes. He took special liking to Lasith Malinga’s bowling, scoring 24 runs in an over.

Significance: This innings is remembered for its sheer dominance and for keeping India in contention in the series. Kohli’s fearless approach against one of the world’s best bowlers was a highlight of this innings.


100 Against Australia, Jaipur 2013

Scenario: In this match, India was chasing a massive 360 runs set by Australia. It was a challenging target, and India needed a strong start.

The Performance: Kohli’s century, scored in just 52 balls, was the fastest ODI hundred by an Indian at the time. His innings was a perfect blend of aggression and smart cricketing shots.

Consequence: This innings was crucial in India achieving the target in just 43.3 overs, marking one of the greatest chases in ODI history. Kohli’s innings stood out for its aggressiveness and the ease with which he dismantled the Australian bowling attack.


138 Against South Africa, Chennai 2015

Context: In a home series against South Africa, Kohli’s form was under scrutiny. The stage was set for him to make a statement.

The Innings: Kohli’s 138 off 140 balls was a mix of caution and aggression. He built his innings meticulously, accelerating at the right moments. His innings included six fours and five sixes.

Relevance: This innings was significant for its context and timing. It helped India set a formidable total and was crucial in India winning the match. Kohli’s ability to bounce back from a lean patch was evident in this knock



160 Against South Africa, Cape Town 2018*

The Setting: Playing against South Africa in their backyard, India was looking to set a challenging total in the third ODI of the series.

The Masterclass: Kohli’s unbeaten 160 off 159 balls was a display of stamina, skill, and determination. He paced his innings beautifully, shifting gears when needed and running hard between the wickets.

Impact and Legacy: This innings was notable for Kohli’s physical fitness and his ability to anchor the innings. It helped India post a total of 303, which was enough to secure a win. Kohli’s adaptability to different conditions was on full display.

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Which is Virat Kohli’s Best ODI Innings? Final Verdict

Best ODI Innings of Virat KohliChoosing the “best” amongst the above list is subjective. Difficulty in each match varies because of the the context of the match, the quality of the opposition, the difficulty of the conditions, etc.

However, if I were to pick one, I will lean towards his 183 against Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2012 for several reasons:

High-Pressure Situation: This innings came against a strong Pakistan team in a high-stakes match. The pressure of an India-Pakistan encounter is immense, given the historical and emotional context of these matches. Performing in such a scenario requires not just skill but also immense mental strength.

Chasing a Huge Total: India was chasing a daunting target of 330 runs. In such a chase, every mistake is magnified, and the pressure mounts with each passing over. Kohli’s ability to not just withstand this pressure but also to dominate the bowling attack speaks volumes about his class.

Quality of Bowling Attack: Pakistan’s bowling lineup was formidable, featuring some of the best bowlers of the time. Scoring a big hundred against such a quality attack further elevates the significance of this innings.

Match-Winning Knock: Kohli’s 183 was not just a personal milestone; it was instrumental in India winning the match. An innings that contributes directly to the team’s victory is always held in higher regard.

Style and Dominance: Beyond the numbers, the manner in which Kohli batted in this innings was breathtaking. He combined aggression with control, attacking the bowlers without taking undue risks. His array of shots all around the wicket, his timing, and his placement were exemplary.

Also, this is till date the highest individual score by an Indian Batsman while chasing.

While each of Kohli’s top innings has its unique significance, the 183 against Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2012 stands out for its context, execution, and impact. It encapsulates what Kohli brings to the table – skill, temperament, and the ability to rise to the occasion

People’s Choice

Virat Kohli's Best ODI innings However, in a recent survey held by ESPNcricinfo, Virat Kohli’s 133 not out against Sri Lanka at the Bellerive Oval in Hobart in 2012 was voted as his best ODI hundred by fans. This innings received 64% of the votes, surpassing his 183 against Pakistan in Mirpur in 2012.

This innings in Hobart is celebrated for several reasons like Chasing down a target of 321 in just 36.4 overs. The urgency of the chase was high as India needed to reach the target in 40 overs or fewer to earn a bonus point and keep their hopes alive in the CB Series. Kohli taking on the world’s best bowlers at the time, Lasith Malinga. Scoring 24 runs in a single over against Malinga highlighted Kohli’s exceptional batting skill.

For more details, you can read the full article on ESPNcricinfo: Hobart hundred voted Virat Kohli’s best in ODIs by fans.

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